Website hacked!

As some of you will be aware, this website was supposed to have relaunched already; unfortunately whilst we had many fond memories being shared by folk who had read of our relaunch across the internet, and offers of generous support, we also had some who did not want our message of hope being brought to you again; in short, someone hacked the database that ran our website and managed to delete all our content.

Whilst our Hosting company are still looking into the intrusion, in the interests of expediency we decide to simply rebuild the website from scratch rather than rely on possibly corrupted backups.
As such you may notice some parts of the website aren’t working correctly; our shop for instance is currently down; this will shortly be up and running so don’t worry, there will be t-shirts and branded mugs a-plenty soon! In the mean time, please bear with us as we recover what we can and rebuild what we can’t.
– Thanks
Math Campbell-Sturgess (co-founder and website-admin)

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  1. Philip Maughan

    How do I send a personal story (English anti to pro Nationalist) for potential publication?

  2. Just saw above message so will keep checking back for the form 🙂

  3. How do I join?

    • Hi Gail. We’ve not got a signup sheet right now thanks to our lovely friendly hackers, but we track membership via the Facebook Group. Just search for “English Scots for YES Members Group”!

    • Articles like these put the consumer in the driver seat-very imtoaprnt.

  4. Glad I’ve finally found soneihtmg I agree with!

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