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As you may have seen from reports in the National & elsewhere, with the brilliant help of YES2, we proud to announce the official relaunch of English Scots for YES.

Over the coming weeks & months we hope to massively expand our wee group into a campaigning behemoth. Our aim is to reach out to all 700,000+ English Scots across Scotland, and have the conversation with them about why think they should support Scottish independence.

Since the dark days of September 2014, when we felt for a while that all hope was lost, a LOT has changed.  There was an election that few if any saw the SNP winning, and win they did, with 56 out of Scotland’s 59 MPs being returned as independence-supporting SNP MPs. There was the continuation and growth of groups like Women for Independence, YES2 and others. A resurgence of interest in our political culture here in Scotland. The people of Scotland may have voted against independence in 2014, but the genie is well and truly out of the bottle, and try as they might, Westminster will not be able to put the stopper back in.

As a group, English Scots for YES never truly went away; our core members continued to plan and discuss, and many of you will have seen our intrepid bunch at “YES rallies” over the last two years, handing out ever increasing amounts of free tea & cakes! But it is fair to say our campaign was a little muted, and not the fully-fledged operation we had prior to the first referendum. We had planned to change this and relaunch our campaign proper last summer, along with the SNP”s proposed drive for independence….events, however, somewhat overtook us.
The EU referendum, and resulting “brexit” decision was a bitter pill for many of us to swallow.
Many (though not all) of our members were in favour of continued EU membership. The group itself took no view on this, but it’s clear to say that Scotland voted differently to our friends and family back in England. The reaction of the tory government in London however, was as shocking as it was completely unsurprising. Just 18 months after being told that Scotland was an “equal member” of the Union, suddenly, Scotland’s voice is being completely ignored on the EU.  62% of Scots from all walks of life, from all backgrounds and creeds decided that we should remain in the EU, remain a member of the single-market, and continue to enjoy the protections of the European Court of Human Rights.

Sadly, London seems set to ignore this completely, and drag Scotland out of Europe, no matter the cost. And we fear that cost will be high.

It is not an easy thing for us to look across the border at our friends and family in England, as they too face the economic uncertainties and political instabilities of the right-wing’s obsession with immigration & exiting the EU. But ultimately, whilst we shall always hold England dear in our hearts, we are English-Scots – we have made Scotland our home, and it is to Scotland’s future we must look.  For these reasons, and many others that are still unchanged from 2014, we must throw our weight and support behind the call for a second referendum and tell the people of Scotland to vote YES. Again.

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  1. How do new members join?

    • Hi admin here…for the mean time, until we can get a mailing list setup again, we track membership on the “English Scots for YES Member’s Group” (search for exactly that) on Facebook.

      • Hi there,

        Do you have any kind of email mailing list? I don’t use facebook but I would really like to be involved.

        A scouser in Edinburgh 🙂

        • sorry – I’ll read your posts properly next time! Looking forward to your mailing list being set up.

  2. Well done folks…great to see you back in action again .

  3. So glad to see that you’re up and running again! :). Do you have a joining page or will this message suffice? Please let me know when you get a moment. Thanks!

  4. Glad to see the return of this site & hopefully a resurgence in readership & voting potential.

  5. Wish you all the very best in this. I noticed the wonderful reception you got in George Square at a recent YES march. Gave loads of us a warm glow.

  6. What or who are English Scots? How do I work out if this identity is for me?

  7. Good luck to you! Sorry to hear about you losing the databae. Give me a buzz if you want to chat about site security. Not a cyber expert but can make a few suggestions on protecting your database x

    • Thanks! We got a security expert in after the hack, and hopefully we should be secure-isa now…always welcome to lend a hand though, and we’re also looking for article-contributors…

    • That’s a quwke-iittcd answer to a difficult question

  8. Jim Davidson

    Very happy to see you folk back in business again.
    Jim Davidson
    Yes2 Edinburgh Central

  9. Julie Switsur

    This is a very odd website. Where does the organisation state its aims? Who runs it? How can I join?

    • Hi Julie! Sorry about that; we’re trying to get everything back after someone hacked our last website; we hope to have an “aims” page, and a better “about us” and how to join properly up soon; in the meantime, you can search on Facebook for our temporary solution; look for “English Scots for YES Member’s Group”, and you can join there. Until we can get the website properly fixed this is where we will be managing the group…thanks – admin.

    • It’s about time sonomee wrote about this.

  10. Kate McLaren

    psst…it should be members’. Yes, it does matter, honest. The first implies we have only one member!

  11. Awww I am sorry you were hacked being an English scot myself I loved your facebook group it is still there and I am still a member but something is not quite right

  12. Dr Mireille Pouget

    I am very glad that your group exists. I am a Franco-Scot, lived in Scotland all my adult life, worked, had my family, now retired with state and occupational pensions. Now my very existence here is questioned by Brexit. I supported independence in 2014 along with Polish people, Americains, Asians for Yes, Irish, and yes, English folks. My husband is one of them, although a naturalised Scot since his university days.
    There seems to be some resentment in some quarters that a majority of English-born Scot residents voted No the last time, although I am not sure on what evidence this is based, frankly. So, it is great that your group will put all this nonsense to sleep, and we’ll be delighted to campaign together.

  13. Interested Leith

    Do you / will you have a current FB page & fundraising link?

  14. Ian Young

    Meanwhile down in England there is a growing support for Scottish independence among centrist and centre-left voters like myself who didn’t back it last time. England has descended into fantasy politics of the Brexit vanity trip and Corbyn cult worship turning the British state into ranting syphilitic old coot that should be put out of its misery. Post-Britain England may grow up and take its place alongside Ireland and Scotland in the next decade as a confident European nation. I’m interested to see how an independent Scotland could be of help with joint ventures with English science, education and knowledge economy sectors who are facing decline due to Brexit. And unlike Labour and the Tories, the SNP does have a sane person with her hand on the tiller leading her country.

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