Catalonia Observation Mission Report

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After a somewhat lengthy delay, caused by a variety of reasons, our Mission Report from the group’s team of Observers who went to Catalonia for the October 1st referendum on independence is finally available.

Our heartfelt thanks to all those who donated to help fund the mission, assisted us in our aims, and those who assisted us in Catalonia during the Mission. You are too many to name, but you have our gratitude.
The report is available here in PDF format. Upon request, we can arrange for translation into Catalan or Spanish (or other languages, as required), but have not done so at this time due to the report already being 4 weeks overdue.

English Scots Catalonia Report


As a final aside, we were intending to replicate the observer mission by sending a similar team to the Spanish-Government organised “regional elections” on December 21st in Catalonia – but we are forbidden by the Spanish Government to do so, as they do not wish any international observers present. We shall leave it to the reader to draw their own conclusions from this.

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  1. Nem de longe. Otima matéгia! – mas, essa é outra história.

  2. projecto de negócio não é um documento engessado.

  3. angeles alvarez quintana

    The conclusions are these, you received a lot of money for it, and they are paid by the separatists. demonstrated.or true, where are the names of the observers, because they hide them??

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