Dumfries & Galloway Branch formed

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The group proudly welcomes our second regional branch forming, joining our regional branch in Edinburgh & Lothians, English Scots for YES now has a regional branch in Dumfries and Galloway.

This hopefully marks the start of an expansion period for the group as we grow towards a possible second independence referendum.  Eventually, the group hopes to have regional branches across Scotland,and the establishment of a branch in Dumfries has long been an important milestone on the roadmap.

Speaking, National Convenor Math Campbell said: “It’s great to welcome another regional branch, especially given the number of English Scots we have in Dumfries & Galloway. Having a local contact for the group in Dumfries will allow more indepnednece-supporting English Scots in the area to discover the group and help campaign for independence.”
Any English Scots looking to get involved in the group should contact the new D&G Branch Convenor, John Schofield here.

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  1. Christine Schofield

    We will be at the Dumfries march on 2nd June. Please meet at the fountain, High Street, Dumfries at 12 midday for a photo shoot. Hope we need a wide angled lens. ☺Also just been told tea and cakes at the stall is an ESforY tradition.

    • Ian Waugh

      Hi Christine – I’m a Scot but obvioiusly fully support what you’re all doing – will you have an ESforI banner for your photoshoot? I’d like to get a shot to put on my own FB page after the event (having grandchildren who’re half-Scots-half-English, I think they get a wee bit confused by my Indy stance lol)

  2. Kate Lockhart

    Hi, the embedded link for John Schofield does not work. Can a new one be put up please?

  3. I hope you join the SNP and help with the march towards Independence.

  4. This is great ! ?? A nationwide network of such groups would very much help to counter the media slur of the Scotland / England divide and identify clearly the common problem – Westmonster !
    END LONDON RULE ! ✊???????????????✌?

  5. Joe Toole

    We will also be at the March, coming down from Perthshire. it would be good if you guys n gals had some branded material we could distribute to the loads of English folks here in Comrie. Can you email me info on what you have? thanks. Joe & Pauline.

    • Site Admin

      We’ll have leaflets aimed nationally, the local branch as a locally written one, and we badges, t-shirts, mugs etc…

      We do need more analysis stuff as well, but that will happen a bit later on down the road, when we’ve got some more funding available (we haven’t had a proper fundraiser since 2014!)…

  6. Stuart Littlewood

    I was at the march – brilliant event, congrats to the organisers – and of course spotted the ESfY contingent. Quite interested as I fit the description, but the question is: what sort of independence are you pushing for?

    A pseudo-independent Scotland ruled by people still infatuated with the EU is not for me. It makes no sense to quit one union (the UK) only to get back into bed with another that’s even more dictatorial. If you support genuine independence then OK. But the ESfY “owner” is, I hear, an SNP councillor and Mr Schofield a member of the Greens who follow the SNP line. So is the ESfY simply a recruitment wing of both parties bent scooping extra votes for a bogus independence?

    Like Brexit, nobody is saying what Scottish independence will look like. They’ve been wailing about “Tory misrule” for 50 years or more, and I don’t blamed them. Now, it seems, any independence however ill-considered and wobbly will suit SNP & Co. Repent at leasure….

    • “only to get back into bed with another that’s even more dictatorial”

      Sorry, but you’re genuinely lacking any knowledge to say such a thing. The UK is a unitary state that offers no true representation for Scotland, the EU is a voluntary union of independent countries. To liken them to each other is to display ignorance of reality.

      Scotland will choose its own relationship with Europe, and there’s every chance it will be through EFTA rather than directly into the EU, as there are a few practical advantages to this course of action.

      However, the whole point of independence is that Scotland will always get what Scotland votes for. So if you believe in independence, you have to accept what the people of Scotland decide afterwards – who we vote into government and the policies they pursue.

      On the one hand we get people like you erroneously claiming there is some similarity between the two unions when there is none – and saying things like “get into bed with” the EU as if a done deal, and on the other we get people telling us wrongly that the EU wouldn’t have us!

      The EU would of course take Scotland in a heartbeat, and right now, single market membership is the most vital part for Scotland – full EU membership less so.

      • Christine Harrison

        You are the one genuinely lacking in knowledge Lara. You need to know the truth about the dangerous dictatorial EU.

  7. Stuart Littlewood

    The Brexit ‘negotiations’ have surely shown you how bossy, grasping and impossible the EU is towards a member that wants freedom/independence. But since you know it all, perhaps you can paint for us an accurate picture of what an INDEPENDENT Scotland will look like, shackled to the EU, as that appears to be the ultimate aim of your movement.

    Whoever Lara is, if ‘she’ is part of the leadership I’m definitely not joining. Good luck to the rest of you.

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