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    Steve West

    Hi All. Sorry I missed last night’s meeting, I just wasn’t feeling up to it.

    I’ve got a suggestion over the process for approving minutes and setting the agenda:

    After the meeting, the minute-taker presumably writes up their notes fairly quickly while they are fresh in their mind. They would then email draft minutes to everyone who attended the meeting for comment. Once the comments have been incorporated, revised minutes are then published to the full membership before the next meeting.

    This is how we do it in our local Green sub-branch and it works well:

    • We get accurate minutes that reflect the consensus because everyone who was at the meeting has a chance to feed back while it’s still fresh in their memory.
    • Having access to the minutes of the last meeting before the following meeting gives new people the chance to see where we’re doing and prepare, so they don’t come along with no idea of what the group has been doing.

    We follow a similar process with the agenda in our local Greens:

    • A draft agenda is circulated to office-holder and key activists beforehand, so they can add items for discussion.
    • The revised agenda is then published to all members before the meeting, again so that people coming to the meeting know what to expect and have a chance to prepare.
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