Welcome to English Scots for Yes – Dumfries & Galloway Branch

Who are we?

English Scots for Yes are a collection of people who are English or have English family and have made Scotland our home and we support the idea of Scotland becoming an independent nation. We are the Dumfries & Galloway branch of English Scots for Yes.

How to contact us and get involved

You can contact via our an email here or contact us via the main English Scots for Yes Facebook page.

We welcome in anyone who would want to get involved with our activities or just interested in supporting us.


There is the main English Scots for Yes Facebook page which can be found here.
The Dumfries & Galloway branch will be setting up a closed Facebook group which you can request to join.

Monthly meetings

We have yet to have our first meeting but when it is arranged, details will be put out via the group’s main twitter account as well as on here and other social-media.



For registered members, we also have our own forum in the main group forums on this page. You can find the Edinburgh & Lothians Forum here. (You must be logged in to access this!)